Are you in transition in your life? Need to make a choice about how you want to move forward? Are you wondering why are you drawn to certain people and situations in your life?

My Tarot and Oracle readings can give you guidance that can help you change your perspective which will help you see things in a different way. I’ll give you predictions, clarity around love, money, career and health, and currently what I see for your future. You’ll gain insights into the patterns that are shaping your life and how to shift the course of your life to create what it is that you really want. When you book a Tarot session, you receive a free magical stone!

(For Pre-Recorded Readings, you’ll send me your questions, I will record them on Zoom and send you a link. All live sessions will be on Zoom or in person.I offer both in person readings as well as on Zoom. If you want me to come to your location, my mileage fee is .55 per mile for travel to go on location for readings and event. These fees will be added on to another invoice once you make your purchase depending on where your location is.)

30 minute Live reading 40.00
60 minute Live reading 70.00
30 minute PreRecorded Reading 30.00
60 minute Precorded Reading 60.00 



I am available to do Tarot/Oracle Readings for Psychic Fairs.

Contact me for pricing for your event.