Are you feeling stuck and needing to have blockages removed?

My Crystal Alchemy Healing Sessions will help you to tune into your energy, so that you can see the lessons behind stuck energy and to clear those blockages out of the way. Once you are clear, you’ll experience being more balanced and in the creative flow. After having a Crystal Alchemy Session you will experience a serge of creativity, openness and divine inspiration that helps you to express your express potential.




65.00 30 minute reading


Interested in learning more about Crystal Alchemy Healing?

I teach group classes and would love to have you in my course. do laying on of stones. You'll learn about the usages of crystals and minerals as well as how to use a crystal pendulum and how to determine the best crystals and minerals for meditation. Learn about the chakras to open up and heal the body, as well as how to use minerals and crystals as an amulet to attract what you want as as a shield for protection.

(You'll also receive a free crystal as my special gift to take with you.)



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