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Have you been looking for a spiritual community to get involved in where you can nurture your soul, share stories about spiritual awakenings and learn more about metaphysics?

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Recently I got an Akashic Records reading and it was amazing! Miss Sherry hit on at least 3 topics right on the head. I'd say this is super legitness!

Alicia Salinas

I been having some out of this world things going on around me. It has been a nightmare to say the least. I posted asking anyone for help and Sherry reached out to me and really helped me. She seriously has made me see how to cope. I am now researching on the tools she gave to me. She became the light in my pitch black tunnel. Thank you so much Sherry. You are most definitely a blessing to me. I do hope we become like family. Out of anyone, you know I could use your guidance and teachings. Thank you. My cat will definitely love you too.

Barbie Bennett

When it comes to people, Sherry was amazing! She was easy to open up to! Everything she told me about was 100% dead on point! We will be getting more Akashic Records readings for sure!


Our Animal Communicator Reading for our beloved transitioning Pit Bull was so comforting, insightful, and soothing.

The reading was spot on and really reinforced the deep connection that our family has with our beloved dog.

Thank you so much for your time, grace, and clairvoyance ❤️

George Henry Pope